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Nathan, our factory certified marine technician, has over 18 years experience  We take pride in offering the best service in our area and will handle all your marine and diesel servicing needs! Simply contact us using the form below to schedule an appointment.

Bayside Diesel & Marine

Boat Hauling & Crane Service

We can move your boat on your own trailer or our tow and go service offers clients that do not have a truck a simple solution.


Engine Repair

Transfer your marine troubles into experience, dedicated and reliable hands. Our locally owned and operated marine repair company knows exactly what you need to get your boat back on the water.

Bayside Diesel & Marine
Diagnostics / Troubleshooting
If you are having trouble with your boat, our marine diagnostics and trouble shooting services will find the problem before it’s too late.
Bayside Diesel & Marine
Heating & Cooling
At Bayside Diesel and Marine we service heating & cooling systems.
Boat Hauling & Crane Service

Fully insured and licensed to haul vessels up to 33 ft or 14,000 lbs.

Our tri-axle commercial trailer is fully equipped to transport to any location on Vancouver Island. Located in Sidney B.C

Boat Hauling

Min 1 Hour
$ 395 Per Hour
  • Boat hauling any location on Vancouver Island

Tow & Go

Min 1 Hour
$ 200 Per Hour
  • We can move your boat on your own trailer. Our Tow and go service offers clients that do not have a truck and need their boat moved from one location to another an easy a simple solution.

Crane Service

Min 1 Hour
$ 250 Per Hour
  • Certified Hiab Crane
  • Capacity 8,000 lbs
  • Reach 30 ft
Commercial & Residential
Do you have a commercial job site you need heavy lifting for?
Are you tired of looking at that old treehouse in your yard and need it gone?
We can help you with the heavy lifting.
Call today for an estimate. Office (778) 351-1123
Engine Repair

Are you in need of expert marine engine repair service from a trusted company?

Transfer your marine troubles into experienced, dedicated and reliable hands. Our locally owned and operated marine repair company knows exactly what you need to get your boat back in the water.

High-Quality Services On-site

We understand that your boat is one of your most valuable assets. If it breaks down it can result in a loss to your business or recreational time. Transporting your boat to the repair and maintenance shop consumes a lot of time and effort. With our marine repair services, we can visit you at your place to instantly repair your boat so that it stays in perfect running condition all season.

Professional and Experienced Technicians

We are a highly experienced, professional and dependable company. Our technicians will proficiently take care of all your marine engine repair and maintenance requirements. We can efficiently deal with problems encountered by all makes and models of vessels and pleasure crafts.

All engine repair and maintenance services are carried out by our professional mechanic Nathan Evans and his team who have extensive experience in repairing all types of marine engines. They perform all kinds of repairs in compliance with the specifications of OEM factory specified procedures.

We also incorporate advanced engineering and mechanical techniques to deliver you the best in class services at the most competitive prices. Our repair tools are regularly upgraded and tested to ensure precision, accuracy and efficiency.

What Do We offer?

We offer broad spectrum repair, maintenance and repower services for all diesel engines. Your boat can encounter a problem at anytime so please feel confident as we are here to help you.

Our mechanics handle the following:

  • Full diesel engine service and repair and repower
  • Full gasoline engine service and repair and repower
  • Engine and generator installations
  • Engine and driveline repairs
  • Hydraulic system service and installation
  • Cooling system repairs
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Steering systems service
  • Battery maintenance and installs
  • Sea water cooling system service and repairs
Diagnostics / Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with your boat, let our marine diagnostics and troubleshooting services will find the problem.

When your marine vessel encounters any type of trouble with engine or operations, our expert diagnostic team starts with troubleshooting to find the root cause of the issue. We efficiently diagnose and solve the problem by using our knowledge, expertise and the latest tools to ensure that the problem is fixed quickly and in the best way possible.

Engine Analysis, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Performed By An Expert Team

Our professional technicians are specially trained to perform sophisticated diagnostics and troubleshooting operations. Through our expertise, our technicians are able to identify, repair and maintenance issues related to inboard diesel and gas engines, anomalies in the hull and board vessel’s electrical issues. Our specialist is factory certified with extensive experience in diagnostics and troubleshooting, which enables us to perform diagnostics on various engine models and makes with full expertise.

Reducing downtime of Marine Engines
With our outstanding marine mechanical check-ups and tune-up services, the downtime of all kind of marine engines can be significantly reduced, saving your time and money.
Impartial and Unbiased check-up

With our experience, equipment, methodology and commitment, we provide you with impartial and unbiased inspection and check-up, which is based on our expert analysis. Our inspection methods help you avoid the extra costs that are incurred on traditional surveying methods in the marine industry for the past many years. We tune-up your vessel to make it ready for the sea, quickly and efficiently.

Our marine diagnostics and check-up services encompass the following:

Mechanical check up

  • Complete stem to stern inspection on your boat, motor and systems to give you peace of mind

Tune up –

  • Diesel and gas inboard and stern drive

Let us help you detect any problems in your marine vessel to save you time and money in the long run!

Heating & Cooling

Ensure proper working of your boat’s heating and cooling systems to prevent heavy damage!

“My boat is not overheating or producing smoke so why do I need cooling system maintenance and repair services when I only use it for 500 hours?”

Why You need Cooling System Maintenance and Repair Services?

Maintenance of your cooling system is necessary to maintain its efficiency and prevent any big damage. The cooling system service is also referred to as “1000Hr or 3200hr Service”.

Our Cooling System Services

There are numerous components of the cooling system, which should be maintained to keep hoses as well as clamps in perfect condition. Our expert technician checks your vessel for chafing or cracks in hoses and for any signs of damage due to age and service life. We are specialists in dealing with cooling system maintenance and repairs for all makes and models of boats.

There can be a few risks that can lead to damage of your vessel’s cooling system:

  • The deposits from sea water get stuck on the water jacket and on the closed seawater side of the cooling system.
  • Anti-freeze deteriorate and releases energy
  • Water mixes with coolant and results in its dilution and addition of debris.

Our cooling system service includes maintenance of heat exchanger, fuel cooler, power steering, oil cooler, cooled seawater exhaust riser and, in few cases, seawater engine oil cooler. Maintenance and repair of your vessels cooling system ensures that water properly flows through the engine without affecting its efficiency.

Without proper water flow, the engine operates inefficiently, which results in overheating and leads to significant damages to the engine.